Early Out Recovery Program

Supporting and maintaining a billing team can be difficult and time consuming. That’s why we offer clients our Early Out Recovery Program. It is our objective to help expedite our client’s revenue recovery while making it easy for their consumers to gather necessary account information and make payments.

We contact our client’s current consumers directly to answer questions and set up payment arrangements. Our Early Out Recovery Program is almost completely customizable for each client. We offer custom letters, contact schedules, call campaigns, statement series and more. We are committed to making our Early Out Recovery Program work for your company.

Past Due Statement Series

Our Past Due Statement Series dedicated to helping our clients recover past due accounts before they are transferred to Bad Debt Collection. Our Past Due Statement Series can be constructed individually for each client. We offer the capability to create completely custom statements or use our standard statement templates. The statement mailing schedule is completely up to the discretion of our clients. The overall intention of our Past Due Statement Series is to help accelerate our client’s revenue recovery while giving every consumer the ability to set up payment arrangements before it becomes necessary to place any account in Bad Debt Collection.

Bad Debt Collection

Sometimes a consumer’s circumstances may hinder their ability to promptly pay a past due account resulting in the account being moved to bad debt. Once an account is placed in Bad Debt Collection it is our job to provide each consumer with the necessary assistance and resources to resolve their account. From access to fundamental account information to flexible payment schedules and convenient payment options we make it as easy as possible for consumers to pay their accounts. In the end, we know that it is everyone’s goal to resolve accounts in a timely manner and we are always there to help accomplish this goal.

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