For over 50 years, healthcare facilities of all sizes – from critical access hospitals to large healthcare systems – have used Bonded Collectors of Wisconsin, Inc. to manage their accounts receivable.

Bonded Collectors of Wisconsin, Inc. is one of the few remaining agencies that specializes in partnering with regional, critical access and independent health systems. Our decades long partnerships with local health systems have allowed us to assemble the necessary knowledge to build highly specialized, efficient and effective collection solutions that are easily implemented, are scalable for every health system and that ultimately maximize revenue recoveries.

We do not collect other common account types such as, past due student loans or credit cards. We are extremely proud to work with our healthcare partners and are comprehensively focused on healthcare collections.    


We know your patients are your number one priority. That’s why it is so important that we provide the best possible experience for each and every patient. Our team works directly with each patient to find a resolution that works for everyone involved. We know that continual positive interactions and collaboration with your patients leads to increased patient satisfaction, expansion of community trust and positive revenue recovery results. We call our agencies attitude of collaboration being Consumer-centric.

Consumer-centric Collections

Our Consumer-centric attitude was founded on the belief that it is our team’s priority to respectfully, ethically and empathetically work with each patient individually during their time of financial difficulty. We listen first to understand the patient’s situation, then suggest pathways forward that empower patients to resolve accounts and ultimately improve their overall financial situation.


We want to make everything simple and easy for your team. We offer highly specialized and flexible technologies and services that reduce friction and increase synergy between your offices and ours. Increased synergy helps make implementation a breeze, day-to-day tasks effortless and allows your team time to focus on what is important – assisting your patients.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Don’t sweat account placements or data sharing, we are compatible with all industry standard healthcare software.
  • Get information when you need it by accessing our client account web portal, which allows your team to review placed accounts, check account statuses, verify current balances, apply payments/adjustments and run ad hoc reports.
  • Communicate efficiently and securely by utilizing our two-way encrypted secure message center.
  • Keep accounts up to date by sending us automated daily or weekly placement, update, payment and withdrawal files.
  • Automated suit authorization processes
  • Want to make payment posting easy for your team? We’ll send you an automated electronic remittance file (Healthcare 835 Files).  


We know that our healthcare partners and their patients expect our agency to continually improve. We are devoted to optimizing our work flows, improving our training practices, implementing new technologies and finding better ways to utilize analytics to improve our client services, patient experience and overall collection performance. Our commitment to being the most innovative and effective accounts receivable management agency never stops.


At Bonded Collectors of Wisconsin, Inc. we believe in always treating people the right way. That’s why, on average our current team members have been with us for 9 years, our clients have partnered with us for decades and the communities we work with trust us.

Bonded Collectors of Wisconsin, Inc. is proud to be a women owned, family operated agency that is committed to empowering patients during times of financial difficulty and recovering outstanding funds, so our partners can continue to elevate their health systems and strengthen their communities.